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Resin Bound Driveway in Blackheath London

Resin Bonded Aggregates or Gravels is the most fantastic way of creating a smooth surface of natural stones in plain or mixed colours of varying textures.

This can be overlaid to existing or new concrete or tarmac to create beautiful drives, paths, carparks or any light trafficked surface, for a finish that is unrivalled with little or no maintenance required.

The use of dried aggregates bonded in resin appeared on the UK market around 25 years ago and was originally pioneered in the US market. The advances made in epoxy and polymer resins have led to advanced systems that cater for all types of commercial and domestic applications.

The stunning colour shades available give a great alternative to paving or tarmac finishes and can be selected to blend in fully with the surrounding area. The market for this type of finish increases year on year as specifier’s for new build and restoration work acknowledge the extra choices that are now available to them.

Essentially naturally, coloured dust free gravels and aggregates are bonded onto a resin coat applied to concrete or tarmac, fixing in place the material whilst leaving a layer of loose chippings to give the effect of gravel but without the hassle of gravel moving about.